How To Make Kombucha

Assuming you can get the scoby from a friend, making Kombucha is really quite simple. If you have no Kombucha connection, then you can always buy a plain, unflavoured bottle from the store and let it sit in your tea as you would normally, except you will need to leave it for a month or so until it grows a nice full layer of SCOBY.


1 & 1/4 Cup Organic Fair Trade Sugar 2 Bags Organic Black Tea (Or 2-3tsp loose) - can be decaf or regular 3 Bags Organic Green Tea (or 4-5tsp loose) - i use dragon's well 3.5L of water (if your water is chlorinated, use filtered water)


Each time you make a new batch you will need to save about 2 cups from the previous batch, plus the SCOBY of course.
1. Bring the water to a boil and dissolve the sugar into the boiling water. Let return to a boil.
2. Turn off heat, wait a minute before adding the tea, green tea doesn't like to be scalded!
3. Let steep for 10-20 minutes, meanwhile make sure your 4L jar is clean and has been placed in the oven at 225F for about 10 minutes.
4. Place the hot tea into the 4L jar after you remove the jar from the oven. Leave to cool until the tea reaches room tempature, or about 25C(80F)

5. Add the SCOBY to the 4L jar of now cooled tea.
6. Use a rubber band or string to hold either a clean cheesecloth, a milk filter, or even paper towel over the jar. This stops anything unwanted from falling in to the tea.
7. Let the SCOBY get to work on eating the sugars for 7-10 days.
8. At this point you are ready to bottle the Kombucha. I use easy cap beer bottles that have a handy resealable lid. Just like with the 4L jar, i bake them (without their lids) in the oven.
9. Pour anywhere from 150ml to 200ml of fruit juice into each beer bottle. I like to use apricot or apple juice. I also like to add fresh grated ginger to the apple bottles. Kombucha will thrive on anything sugary, so get creative!
10. Let these bottles sit capped in a dark place for 4 more days.
11. Enjoy!