Hello. My name is Ulula Fable and thankyou for stumbling upon my corner of the universe. Home is just off the coast of B.C. on a beautiful island were the people move on a different clock and each town is a close cousin to the next. Everything here is art and beauty. Life is brimming and fascinating. I want to dance with the trees and admire the depth and intricacy of the natural world. We all live in magic, it makes us, it runs through everything and it is more than anyone could ask for.

I try to spend as much time creating as i can, which for me is mostly getting my hands involved in the process of sustainability and independence. I love to learn the practical skills that have been abandoned to the past such as canning, milking, making soap and cheese, sewing, fixing or conserving. Perhaps this is why i am so fascinated by objects from the past, i like to notice how they were made to last.

My blog is mainly a place for me to share the wonderful ideas and discoveries i stumble upon in life. There is no particular theme to this website except perhaps sustainability and traditional homemaking projects. Please continue to browse, check back and contact me if you have any suggestions or questions.